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Welcome to the Madhouse
Welcome to Area Fifty One Kin website.
Area 51 has merged with Kindred Souls. There are still many players still in the A51 kin who do not know about the merger, or did not wish to merge. My alt, Esseb, is now kin leader, and I will keep the kin alive until such time as we do not have actives anymore.
Guild News

State of the KIn

Area51Gwen, Jan 3, 12 8:22 PM.
We have arrived in 2012, hopefully none the worse for wear. I hope that we start seeing some of our friends returning to Middle Earth soon, as we have finally put the holidays behind us for another year.

A few items of interest to us all I would like to bring up.

For those who don't know, Annorwen left the game for good on Xmas. She deleted her toons and uninstalled the game as it was causing arguments in her house.

Jay has decided to leave the kin altogether, and we wish him well, and hope to see him around.

Many of us already have, or have recently acquired the expansion, and/or quest packs and instance packs. Basically, this means that we can start doing some of the end game content together, provided we have the proper group composition. In the case of the Isen 3 mans, it is just not possible to defeat them with out a tank, a healer, and a DPS.

This brings me to my next point- we need high lvl healers, badly. There has been discussion of us forming an alliance with League of Legends; they have healers and DPS, but no tanks; we have tanks and DPS, but no healers. This could prove to be quite beneficial to both of our kins, if anything comes of the discussion. We could also use a burglar or two.

Officers, you have free reign to recruit high level healers and burglars to the kin, and do not need to ask me first. Just go ahead and use your discretion. Kinsmen, if you have candidates that you think might fit in with us, please let me, or an officer know, and we will issue invites. Remember, we are an adult kin, and I would like to keep our membership 18+ as much as possible.

Starting next week, Sunday, January 8 to be exact, I expect to be starting my new job. For the first 5 weeks, my hours will be 6am to 230pm, Pacific time. After the initial training period, the hours will change and I will have to work swing shifts, at least for a few months, until I have enough seniority to request and receive a schedule change.

I will be putting more events on the calender as I see who returns, and when. Until then, we will continue our regular Wednesday event and just figure out what we will do at the time.

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions as you see fit.
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